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Here are some of the financial partners that could be used in a deal that are listed in our database. Again, this is a partial list. A partner is defined as someone who would be available to assist in your specific transaction. Note: there is no formal relationship in writing with any of these firms. They are listed to show our vast reach into the financial markey  Updated 07/2010.

Mexican banks
• Banca Mifel
• Banco Autofin
• Banco Amigo
• Banca Afirme
• Banco Multiva
• Bansi S.A.
• Banco Ahorro Famsa
• Bancoppel
• Banco Monex
• Banco Azteca
• Banco del Bajio
• Banco Inbursa
• Banco Interacciones
• Banco Invex
• Banco Ve X +
• Banorte
• BanregioIxe Banco[1]
• Banco Compartamos
• Banco Facil (Chedraui)

Foreign-owned banks
• BBVA Bancomer (BBVA)
• Banamex (Citibank)
• Banco Santander (Mexico), formerly Banco Santander Serfin
• Banco Volkswagen Mexico
• Banco Wal*Mart de Mexico Adelante
• HSBC Mexico, SA (HSBC)
• Mitsubishi Bank
• Prudential Bank
• Scotiabank Inverlat (Scotiabank)

Development banks
• Bancomext, SNC (Export - import bank)
• Banjercito, SNC (Army)
• Banobras, SNC (Subnational and project finance)
• Bansefi, SNC
• Nafin, SNC
• SHF, SNC (Mortgage)
• Financiera Rural (Agriculture)

Defunct banks
• Banca Confia (failed); acquired by Citibank and now absorbed into Banamex
• Banca Cremi (bought and became Banco Unión)
• Banca Promex (begin as Banco de Zamora)
• Banca Serfin (merged with Banco Santander Mexicano); absorbed into Banco Santander Serfin
• Banco Central Mexicano (failed, early XX century)
• Banco de Londres, México y Sudamerica (first Mexican bank, later Banca Serfin)
• Banco del Atlántico (bought by BITAL, BITAL was later taken over by HSBC)
• Banco del Centro (bought by Banorte)
• Banco del Sureste
• Banco Hipotecario
• Banco Internacional (bought by Prime and became BITAL)
• Banco Mexicano Somex (bought by Invermexico and became Banco Mexicano)
• Banco Mexicano (bought by Banco Santander and became Banco Santander Mexicano); now part of Banco Santander
• Banco Mercantil Mexicano (merged with Banco Nacional Mexicano to form Banco Nacional de México, 1884)
• Banco Nacional Mexicano (merged with Banco Mercantil Mexicano to form Banco Nacional de México, 1884)
• Banco Sofimex
• Banco Unión (failed and bought by Banorte)
• Bancreser (later Bancrecer)
• Banpaís
• Banpeco
• Banoro
• Banrural
• BBVA Probursa (merged with Bancomer and became BBVA Bancomer)
• BITAL (taken over by HSBC)
• Crédito Méxicano
• Comermex (bought by Inverlat and became Comermex Inverlat)
• Multibanco Mercantil de México
• Multibanco Mercantil Probursa (later BBVA Probursa)

Commercial local banks
• Banco General (a merger between Banco General and Banco Continental)
• Global Bank
• Multibank
• Metrobank
• Banco Universal
• Banvivienda (part of Grupo Mundial)
• Bancafé
• Banco Aliado
• Credicorp Bank

Government-owned banks
• Banco Nacional de
• Caja de Ahorros
• Banco de Desarrollo Agropecuario
Foreign-owned banks
• HSBC (a merger between Panama's largest banking group Grupo Banistmo and HSBC Panama)
• Citibank (a subsidiary of Citigroup which merged with Banco Uno and Banco Cuscatlan)
• Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria
• Banco Atlantico Panama (a subsidiary of Banco Santander)
• Scotiabank

Costa Rica
Government-owned banks
• Banco Nacional de Costa Rica
• Banco de Costa Rica
• Banco Crédito Agrícola de Cartago

Commercial banks
• Banco Cathay de Costa Rica
• HSBC Costa Rica
• Banco Uno Owned by Citigroup
• BAC San José Owned by GE Capitals
• Banco Improsa
• Banca Promérica
• Banco Lafise
• Banco BCT
• Scotiabank
• Banco Cuscatlan Owned by Citigroup

Commercial banks
• Bank of Bahamas International
Defunct banks
• Bank of London and Montreal

Commercial banks
• Barbados National Bank (BNB)
• RBTT Bank Barbados limited

Development banks
• Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)

Foreign-owned banks
• Bank of Butterfield; branch of Bank of Butterfield
• RBTT Bank Barbados Limited; Subsidiary of RBTT Financial Holdings Limited (RBTT)
• Royal Bank of Canada; branch of Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)
• Scotiabank; branch of Scotiabank
• FirstCaribbean International Bank (FCIB); Subsidiary of CIBC

• Central Bank of Belize
• Belize Bank Ltd.
• Scotiabank (Belize branch)
• Alliance Bank of Belize Limited
• Atlantic Bank

• The Bank of N. T. Butterfield & Son Limited
• HSBC Bank of Bermuda Limited
• Capital G Bank Limited
• Bermuda Commercial Bank Limited

Major privately-owned banks
• Banco Itaú Unibanco
• Bradesco
• Banco Safra
• Banco Prosper

Government-owned banks
• Banco do Brasil
• Banrisul (state-owned)
• Caixa Econômica Federal
• Banestes (state-owned)
[edit] Merged
• Bandepe Acquired by Banco Real
• Banerj Acquired by Itaú
• Bemge Acquired by Itaú

[edit] Foreign-owned banks
• Banco Real Owned by ABN AMRO; ownership will transfer to Banco Santander Banespa
• Citibank (Citigroup)
• HSBC Bank Brasil
• Banco Santander Banespa, owned by Banco Santander

[edit] Merged or defunct banks
• BBVA (Brazilian operations acquired by Bradesco)
• BCN (Bradesco)
• Bamerindus Acquired by HSBC
• Banco Bandeirantes Acquired by Caixa Geral de Depósitos, later merged with Unibanco
• Banco Boavista (BCN)
• Banco Economico (BBVA)
• Banco Mercantil Finasa (Bradesco)
• Banco Meridional (Banco Santander Banespa)
• Banco Nacional (Unibanco)
• Banco Sudameris (ABN AMRO)
• BankBoston Brazilian operations acquired by Itaú)
• Banorte Acquired by Banco Bandeirantes

[edit] Central bank
Big Six banks
• Royal Bank of Canada
• TD Canada Trust
• Scotiabank
• Bank of Montreal
• National Bank of
Other banks
• Alberta Treasury Branches
• AMEX Bank of Canada
• Canadian Western Bank
• Canadian Tire Financial Services
• Citizens Bank of Canada
• First Nations Bank of Canada
• ING Bank of Canada
• HSBC Bank Canada
• Laurentian Bank of Canada
• President's Choice Financial
• Western Bank of Canada
• ICICI Bank of Canada

Defunct or merged banks
• Bank of British Columbia
• Bank of the People
• Bank of Toronto
• Banque canadienne nationale
• Provincial Bank of Canada/Banque provinciale du Canada
• Canadian Bank of Commerce
• Canadian Commercial Bank
• City and District Savings Bank of Montreal – Banque d’Epargne
• Continental Bank of Canada
• The Dominion Bank
• Farmer's Bank of York, Upper Canada
• Home Bank
• Imperial Bank of Canada
• Lloyds Bank of Canada
• Manulife Bank of Canada
• Molson Bank
• NBD Canada
• Northland Bank
• Standard Chartered Bank of Canada
• Sterling Bank
• Unity Bank
• Sotto Bank of Canada
• BCP Bank of Canada (Bank of Montreal)

United Arab Emirates
[edit] Major commercial banks
* Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
* National Bank of Abu Dhabi
* National Bank of Dubai
* Abu Dhabi Investment Authority
* Emirates Bank International
* MashreqBank
* American Express Bank Limited
* Bank of America
* Bank of China
* Bank of India
* Citibank
* Indian Bank
* JPMorgan Chase
* Scotiabank
* Credit Suisse
* Deutsche Bank
* Fortis Bank
* National Bank of Kuwait
* Royal Bank of Scotland
* Arab Bank
* Bank of New York
* Hang Seng Bank
* ICICI Bank
* Royal Bank of Canada
* State Bank of India
* Toronto Dominion Bank
* State Bank of India
* Central Bank of India
* Axis Bank
* Bank Melli Iran
* Bank Saderat Iran
* Gulf Commercial Bank
* Bank of Jordan
* Allied Bank
* Standard Chartered
* Bank of Baroda
* First Gulf Bank
* Habib Bank
* United Bank
* RAKBank
* Commercial Bank of Dubai
* Invest Bank
[edit] Islamic banks
* Dubai Islamic Bank
* Emirates Islamic Bank
* Sharjah Islamic Bank
* Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
* Islamic Commercial Bank
* Noor Islamic Bank

South Africa
• African Bank
• Capitec Bank
• Fairbairn Private Bank
• FirstRand Bank
• First National Bank (South Africa)
• MEEG Bank
• Nedbank
• Old Mutual Bank
• Peoples Bank
• Rand Merchant Bank
• Regal Treasury Private Bank
• Rennies Bank
• RMB Private Bank
• Sasfin Bank
• Standard Bank
• Wesbank

Foreign-controlled banks
• Absa
• Albaraka Bank
• Habib Overseas Bank
• HBZ Bank
• Mercantile Bank
• South African Bank of Athens

Branches of foreign banks
• ABN AMRO Bank N.V.
• Bank of Baroda
• Bank of Taiwan
• Calyon Corporate and Investment Bank
• China Construction Bank
• Citibank N.A.
• Commerzbank
• Deutsche Bank
• Dresdner Bank
• HSBC Bank
• JP Morgan Chase Bank
• Royal Bank of Scotland
• Société Générale
• Standard Chartered Bank
• State Bank of India

Mutual banks
• GBS Mutual Bank
• VBS Mutual Bank

Other banks
• Development Bank of Southern Africa
• Land and Agricultural Development Bank of South Africa
• Postbank

NOTE: As much as we try to keep our list current, we realize that task is impossible. There may be an occasional listing that is in our database that has merged with  another group.