Kensington Capital Partners - Building Capital Worldwide

These are the documents we look for in each of these scenarios. Please supply this information for review. Please make hard copies of each, bind them and send them via FedEx to us.
Additional information may be required. Some of these items might not all apply to your project.
1. Loan application or Loan Request Summary
2. Executive summary or overview of the loan proposal
3. Current financial statements (business & personal)
4. Last 3 years tax returns (business & personal)
5. Appraisal (if any) as is and as built
6. Color photographs of the collateral (if any)
7. In-file credit report or credit authorization (if needed)
8. Breakdown of construction/renovations/improvements, use of proceeds
9. Business plan including 5 year proforma (where applicable)
10. P/L statement and Balance sheet for last year (where applicable)
11. List of other projects that you have done
12. CV (Biography, resume) on all partners
13. Corporate Incorporation Docs
14. Any/All permits
15. List of all debt, including lender, date, original amount, amount due, collateral
16. Contracts (purchase, leases)
17. List of other collateral (receivables)
18. additional information depending on project