Kensington Capital Partners - Building Capital Worldwide

Finance structuring can take the form of senior debt financing, mezzanine financing, participating debt, credit and/or balance sheet enhancement, equity capital, and high leverage financing or a combination of any of the aforementioned. Lending programs include three areas:

* Small Balance Commercial Lending, which range from $1M to $5M that fit into both the conventional and not-so conventional category of borrowers, the latter category being more flexible.

* Mid-Cap Balance Commercial Lending, which range from $5M to $20M and also covers both traditional or conventional and unconventional lending requirements.

* Large Balance and Loan Syndications, which range from $20M to $100M. These projects require more work with an increased amount of documentation, due diligence and ultimately more time with Loan Syndication in dollar cost amounts to several other lenders.

Lending Sub-categories
* Senior debt financing
* Mezzanine financing/subordinated debt
* High loan to value financing
* Apartment and Condominium or other multi-family unit, Loans which have 5+ units
* Retail Center Loans (either mixed use or single use and may include any of the following):
o Community center
o Convenience Stores without Gas or Car Care
o Factory outlet
o Shopping Mall
o Single Tenant Building
o Strip center with or without anchor tenants
* Hotel or Motel Loans which may include:
o Full service Hotel/Motel
o Limited Service Hotel/Motel
o Resort Hotel
o Suite Hotel
o Convention Hotel
o Flagged and Independent Motel
o Franchise Loans
o Office Building Loans that include:
o Office Condos
o Medical Condos
o Single Tenant
* Industrial Building Loans such as:
o Light
o Manufacturing
o Office Warehouse single or multi-tenant
o R&D Facility
o Mini or self-storage facilities
* Convenience stores
* Special Purpose Loans which include:
o Church
o Gas Station
o Restaurant and/or Bar/tavern
(no Strip Clubs)
o Auto Care/Service Station or Body Shop
o Car Wash
o Parking Structure/Garage
o Athletic Club
o Mobile Home Parks
* Other Commercial Small Balance Property Loans
* Auto Malls & Dealerships if you’re looking for inventory financing for auto dealerships we do have this available in our Mid-cap and Large Balance loan categories.
o Bridge Loans
o Construction Loans for both New & Renovation or Rehab
# Hospitality including Hotel & Motel Flagged and Independent
# Loan Syndications
# Hard Money Loans
# A&D (Acquisition & Development) loans
* Commercial Projects
* Residential Projects
# Construction Loans
* New
* Renovation or Rehab
* Bridge Loans
* Mezzanine Loans (commercial second Trust Deeds)
# Mobile Home Parks from $5M+
# Hospitality including Hotel & Motel Flagged and Independent
# Healthcare/Medical Loan which may include any of the following:
* Assisted Living
* Congregate Care
* Hospital
* Research and development health Facilities
* Independent Living Facilities
* Medical Clinics
* Rehabilitation Centers and Facilities
* Skilled Nursing Facilities
# Office Building Loans of the High-Rise sort
# Other Commercial Loans such as:
* Auto Malls and Dealerships (including inventory or floor financing)
* Condos/PUDS/Co-Ops
* Golf Courses
* Other Leisure properties to include:
(Stadiums, RV Parks, Theme Parks)
* Marina’s and Docominiums
* Industrial Facilities and Plants
* Manufacturing Facilities
* Power Plant Loans
* Alternative Energy Plant Production Loans
* Infrastructure Loans
* Asset Based Loans