Kensington Capital Partners - Building Capital Worldwide

Commercial Finance

We assist Clients with traditional commercial financing requests but our specialty is working on real estate and commercial transactions that require creative structuring.
What we need to determine how we can assist you:

* How much you need to borrow

* How much you have invested in equity/cash

* What type of property or properties it/they are

* What the value of the property is vs. the loan request

* What is the credit capacity of the borrower and what is the debt service coverage of the proposed transaction

What are our lending restrictions:
* $1M minimum to $100M max.
* Nationally and Internationally on a case-by-case basis
* No REO Packages
* A higher LTV will have Risk Based Pricing (RBP). Risk Based Pricing criteria: borrowers credit score, term of the loan and the borrowers equity in the property or cash invested if acquiring property.