Kensington Capital Partners,Inc. - Building Capital Worldwide
Our company is based on the belief that our customers' financial needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

Whether it is  mergers, project financing, Sovereign Debt or another type of asset, we strive to assist and consult with all financial matters.
Kensington Capital Partners, Inc. is a preeminent authority that specializes in advising all sorts of companies, from start-ups looking for seed money to middle and upper market companies on financial strategy. Whether mergers and acquisitions, capital raises and financial restructuring, or debt offerings, we bring insight, depth, perspective and exceptional value and guidance to both public and private companies - every step of the way.

Our Mission is simple. 
We want to be involved with good people and good projects. We want to help each client achieve their goals. At the core, our personal relationship with our clients is the single most important aspect of our business. We strive to do whatever we can to deliver a solution to the client that solves their current issues. That includes "Out of the Box" strategies.

A quick guide about Kensington Capital Partners and its Services:

Full-Service, Boutique
• Financial Restructuring
• Financial Advisory Services
• Debt Financings (advisory)
• Recapitalizations
• Consultancy (all aspect)

Company Profile
• Middle-Market "sweet-spot"
• Start-up consultancy
• Senior-Level Guidance
• Industry Sector Expertise
• Integrity & Independence
• Unwavering Client-Focus

Geographic Focus
• North America
• Europe (and oil rich countries)
• Cross-Border (Europe, Asia & Mexico and others), Africa, Asia
• Global reach with all areas of non-conflicted politics

Industry Experience
• Healthcare
• Technology
• Media and Communications
• Consumer & Business Services
• Industrial & Manufacturing
• Real Estate
• Water
• Waste to Energy
• Resorts, Casinos
• Alternative Energy

Transaction Size & Scope
• $1M to $100M in Equity Capital Raises
• $1M to $500M in Debt Financing
• Start-up Companies
• Private Companies (Public on a case-by-case)

Engagement Criteria
• Established, Profitable Businesses
• Unique Value Proposition & Scalable Business Model
• Current Revenues to $500 Million and more
• Trailing 12 month EBITDA positive
• Projected Stabilized EBITDA for 'Distressed' Companies

Engagement Profile
• Sound Management Depth and Team
• Visibility of Earnings and Cash-Flow Positive
• North America Focus and Cross Borders
• Industries & Markets Transformed by Major Change
• Market Niche Differentiation & Scalable Business Models
• Fragmented Industries in Need of Consolidation
• New Market, Product or Service Expansion Opportunities
• Fee-based Businesses and Limited  Risks
• Over-Leveraged Balance Sheet and Distressed Companies
• Shifts in Channels of Distribution
• Meaningful Barriers to Entry

Common Use of Funds
• Equity Growth Capital
• Financing an Acquisition/merger
• Recapitalizations
• Debt Restructuring
• Start-up

Common Types of Financial Transactions
• Historical Debt Monetization (recent)
• Sovereign Debt
• Leverage Programs
• Private Equity Capital Raises
• Senior Secured Debt
• Private Investments 
• Asset-Based Loans
• Mezzanine Financing
• LBO / MBO Financings
• M&A - Buy-side Advisory
• Debt Refinancing
• Cash-Flow Financings
• Working Capital / Credit Lines
• Equity Financing
• Accounts Receivable Factoring
• Acquisition Financing
• Term Loans
• Bankruptcy or Turnaround Situations
• Equity lines
• Management Buyouts
• Uncollateralized (unsecured) / Undercollateralized loans
• Third Round, Fourth and Later-Stage Financings
• Revolving Credit Facilities
• Distressed M&A
• Joint Venture Financing
• Strategic Advisory
• Distressed Capital Raising
• Corporate Consulting
• Corporate Restructuring
• Financial Advisory Services
• Strategic Partnerships....

Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM CST
Sat- By Appointment